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It's never to late
Friday, 14 January 2011
Mood:  lucky
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1. First and foremost, invest money to win people and establish financial longevity. A satisfied customer is the best advertisement. This is how you create product demand. Exxon Mobil applied this key to become the #1 Fortune 500 Company in 2008,  when it spent multi-million dollars to clean up oil spill in 80's.

2. Prepare to market the world and expand capital base. To avoid financial bankruptcy in a local recession, in a local recession you want a product that can go national, in a national recession you want a product that can go international. Delta applied this key to become the largest airline service provider in the world, when it filed bankruptcy in 2005 to service a post 9/11 era, and reorganized under a new theme, Delta Airlines: The executive experience. 

3. Learn how to be a winner, build winning relationships, and secure investors. It's not what you know or who you know, it's who wants to know you. This is how you create product market. McDonals's applied this key to remain one of the the largest Fast Food Chains in the world, when it created healthy menus to combat bad publicity from Super Size Me documentary.

4. Use time to make money and gain knowledge of value. Once you gain knowledge of value, every breath you take to a service to someone. When you find the someone, it's a blank check. This is how you create product value. Google applied this key to build the largest search engine in the world, in opposition to Microsoft's Monopoly.

5. Manage anger and stress through healthy living and good nutrition. The body is organic and is fueled by an organic diet. When you have confidence it betters your vision. This is how you create product longevity. Bill Gates applied this key to remain the wealthiest man in the world, switching to his campaign to eradicate global poverty.

6. Faith is necessary for perserverance- this is your cash flow. A vision is only faith until it becomes reaity. This is why we must collaborate with faith based people to support and strengthen our vision. This is how you create product clientele. Jesse H. Jackson Sr. applied this key to become a wealthly real estate investor in New York, when he took his savings from Saginaw, Michgan and built a business in Buffalo, New York, "Ascension Chemicals."

7. Conserve water- this is your energy. The body is made of 2/3 water. Dehyration can cause the lack of focus, concentration, and memory. This is how you create product determination. Al Gore applied this key to win an Academy Award, with his documentary "Global Warming."

8. Master your emotions- this is your joy. Be like water, formless, indestructible, the essence of life. To effectively communicate your ideas so people can connect with your vision in the first conversation. This is how you create product growth. President Bush applied this key to win a second term election, with his Mission Accomplished campaign during the War on Terror.

9. Achieve Financial and Personal Goals- this is your success. Wealth without power is imbalance, imbalance leaves to self-destruction. You want to achieve the small milestones it take to see the big picture. This is how you create product investments. Oprah Winfrey applied this key to become the most celebrated celebrity in the world, when you established Harpo Productions and built a school in South Africa for girls.

10. The key to success is simple, observe how fragile the mind is and you will see emotions can cause damage, be mindful to recoup loss mass daily through healthy living and good nutrition. Actualize your success day to day, goal to goal. Ask yourself "what did I do to achieve my goals. And what can I do tomorrow." Do not let someone else's stress distract you from your vision. Terrance D. Jackson applied this key to become Chairman of the Youth Planning Council for the near Eastside of Buffalo, when meditated everyday to be an effective leader.  

Posted by getrichandgrowwealth at 5:57 PM EST
Updated: Friday, 14 January 2011 6:33 PM EST
It's never to late!
Mood:  lucky
Now Playing: It's never to late!

The Terrajack Syndrome is an identity crisis and inferiority complex caused by P.T.S.D. from violent environments, traumatic events, natural disasters, and death. People loss confidence in their ability to be self-reliant and self-sufficient, and eventurally build dependency on others for basic necessities. T.S. is the underlying reason for many social epidemics that plaque the global dispora, such as, Poverty/economic inequality, inadequate education, alcohol and substance abuse, physical and mental abuse, single parent families, teen pregnancy, the criminal justice system, divorce, suicide, housing and homelessness, racism, and the lack of moral and ethical development.

People reach equality in the understanding of GOD. Get Rich and Grow Wealth will build financial security. The bottom line is peace of mind. These principles and strategies to obtain financial wealth will teach people how to make their money work for them in major personal and financial investments. Success is in these principles, no matter how much money you have Get Rich and Grow Wealth is the perfect money management system for economic development and personal happiness. It will enhance communication and increase productivity, build emotional stability, and economic security. 

 When people apply these principles they increase the value of effective leadership, and make their dreams reality. 30 Seconds Success Coaching strengthen presentation skills, build investor confidence, gain competitive advantages, and deliver quality products and reliable services on a consistent basis. Generating capital in global markets. Natural Medicine is the giving of the body what it needs to heal itself the soul. Self-Perfection will bring the genius out of intellect at the root of the HUMAN ESSENCE. Get Rich and Grow Wealth provides effective leadership skills to generate capital and build financial security. 

Posted by getrichandgrowwealth at 5:42 PM EST
Updated: Friday, 14 January 2011 5:57 PM EST

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