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Business Plan



November 3, 2009

Global Investors

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Copyright 2010 Terrance D. Jackson















Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary

  2. Vision Statement

  3. Mission Statement

  4. Culture Statement

  5. Business Description

  6. Product/Service

  7. Marketing

  1. How I will find qualified customers

  2. Market Growth

  1. Financial Plan

  1. Introduction

  2. Loan Security

  3. Profit and Loss and Cash Flow Forecasts

  1. Personal Financial Statement

  2. Business Risk Analysis

  1. Exposure

  2. Competition

  3. Slow Times

  4. Owners Ability

  1. Personal Goals

  2. Exit Strategy

  3. Appendices


                  A.  Executive Summary

     Ink Blot Management is a sole proprietorship owned and operated by Terrance D. Jackson since 2008. This is a request for a loan of $50,000. Ink Blot Management produces:  the Great adventure game; Get Rich and Grow Wealth - “10 keys to being an effective leader in the Global Economy”©, that specializes in developing effective leaders, by the education of, and the application of the 10 keys, and in providing leadership training seminars. Ink Blot Management also provides online training in sales and marketing, because effective leadership dictates the quality of people’s supply, cost to meet demands, and profit/loss ratio. I am the author and publisher of “Get Rich and Grow Wealth” and I am presently distributing my product using direct marketing techniques, and internet marketing and getting excellent response, with a well designed informative website. As the founder, I enjoy what I do and feel that inspiring and motivating people to become effective leaders in the global economy is a creative and satisfying activity. The value of my intellectual property “Get Rich and Grow Wealth” is worth over 40 trillion dollars. Get Rich and Grow Wealth is a cure for poverty by definition because it creates a means for economic well being, proven by its accreditation from FraserNet, a network of over 50,000+ professionals worldwide. The B.O.P. states 4 billion people worldwide live in near poverty or poverty conditions. Research states that the U.S. spent 40 trillion dollars over 40 years in the fight to end poverty. The intellectual property value of Get Rich and Grow Wealth is valued by the amount of money spent on the problem it solves. Because it solves the problem of poverty, every person that suffers from the problem can be considered a consumer. Especially, because it is the only solution in existence, for ex., 50 million people suffer from cancer, if there is only one cure, the company with the product/cure is able to project 50 million consumers at a set price for approximate revenue. In this case, Ink Blot Management manufacture and distribute Get Rich and Grow Wealth, a cure for poverty, proven by definition to create economic opportunities to build wealth, can est. 4 billion sales at $20 apiece for a projected profit of $60 billion dollars.

The $50,000 loan, which I am hereby requesting, will enable me to produce the  75,000 Great Adventure Games that I have purchase orders established, acquire  a venue  to open my own retail outlet for my products, make my own business decisions, and substantially increase my income. To do this, I will require the capital necessary to produce the demand for copies of my adventure game. At present I am seeking capital to produce seventy-five thousand copies for Frasernet Inc. one for each member of his network, and Miracle Made Mentors Inc. an empowerment network of mentors. This loan is very vital to the growth of my company and profit and loss forecast reflects what the fulfillment of these two accounts would generate me in profits; more than enough to repay a loan this size.

     My best estimate of sales revenue and cash flow (page 11) shows that even using conservative estimates. I will earn a significant profit once my new business has been underway six months. My background experience as a world renowned motivational speaker, and past record of success, support my view that I will succeed. I am eager to begin.

     Get Rich and Grow Wealth will help the customer prepare well organized presentations to address issues and solve problems, and through the power of presentation you will close million dollar deals in the first conversation. In a financial crisis people want a sure thing with guaranteed results. Peace of mind is the ultimate goal and success of any person, and in all situations, there is where you will find the impossible possible.

    Get Rich and Grow Wealth is a rigorous course and building wealth system, that provides reliable business skills and will help you reach your objectives, develop dynamic motivational speaking skills to be competitive in a global economy, and provide quality production at a lower cost, increasing your bottom line, with a quick return on your investments.


B.     Vision Statement

          To help entrepreneurs in business and personal development, build immediate and residual income through effective leadership on a reliable and consistent basis, building investor confidence, through professional speaking, in client’s products and services.

                  C.   Mission Statement

          To provide principles and strategies to obtain financial wealth, that will teach people how to make their money work for them in major personal and financial investments.


D.    Culture

     The Culture is to promote self-reliance and self-sufficiency and quality production at a lower cost, in everyday operations.


                 E.  Business Description of INK BLOT MANAGEMENT INC.

     Ink Blot Management will specialize in producing high quality effective leadership training in the form of consultation, seminars, conferences, and training sessions. I will also provide services of technical assistance, business analysis and market projections.  I anticipate the simultaneous growth of all of my income producing areas to provide a substantial portion of my income.

     Ink Blot Management purpose is to help people build confidence and belief in their vision, and inner strength to complete their mission, enabling them to make personal and financial sacrifices for short and long term success. It is not feasible to think a person can fulfill their mission, no matter how great the business plan or how much money they have, without global leadership skills that can connect them to global networks. Global Networks possess the resources necessary to deliver reliable services, and make a considerable profit. In today’s society, most local contacts rely on global support in business and only look for people and ideas that appeal to the global economy. The recession America experienced where banks, real estate companies, auto companies, insurance companies, and many small businesses went bankrupt is proof that it was not the business plans or lack of money that caused the distortion; it was the ineffective leadership that essentially turned upward momentum down.

My particular specialty and focus will be the empowering of businesses that are not equipped to compete in the global economy. By introducing and implementing my “10 Keys To Being An Effective Leader In A Global Economy” , will increase the percentage of sales and closed deals, guide them into techniques that assist in meeting deadlines and completing tasks expeditiously,  produce dynamic motivational speakers that have the skills to develop a well organized presentation. I believe this will give them a competitive advantage in the global economy as effective leaders. In this connection, I have developed well-organized trainings, seminars, and counseling that are professional delivered and will provide them with a source of many highly motivated potential leaders.

Because of my extensive history in the motivational speaking business, I am confident that my sales are going to increase exponentially as soon as I have established a stable base of operation. I have presented many employers and expect that the already developing trend toward much of my business coming from repeats and referrals will continue. In addition, in cooperation with Miracle Made Mentors, I shall continue to provide detailed counseling to entrepreneurs (especially those who have been operating from a non-effective standpoint in the market for several years or more) on how to compose business plans to take their business to the global market, as well as on which business to seek. In addition, I plan to work closely with employers to assist them in determining what type of employee they need, how much they should pay, etc. I want employers to feel that my “10 Keys to Being an Effective Leader in a Global Economy” is honest and thorough and that by dealing with me they can save time by not having to train clearly unsuitable candidates.

                 G.   Marketing

1.   How I Will Find Qualified Customers

     The secret to success in the Motivational speaking business in America is finding high quality pertinent information that the applications thereof effectively produce maximum results. I strongly believe that I have developed a format and a presentation that does just that. Because of the relatively rapid increase in individuals starting their own businesses, and because the economy is expanding, it is relatively easy to locate highly motivated employers and owners in need of my skills. Because of my prior years in this business and this area, many of my initial candidates will come from repeats and referrals from people I have presented. Others will be referred as part of my work with business owners.

In my experience, there are several other effective marketing techniques to develop a wider customer base. Classified advertising of “10 Keys to Being an Effective Leader in a Global Economy” will help develop many prospective clients. In addition, maintaining an active presence in the Chamber of Commerce and other traditional business and civic organizations enables prospective employers to recognize me as a person of integrity and stability. In addition, as discussed above, I shall continue to expand my association with the business owners of America . My commitment to hard, creative work, I feel there is plenty of room for my new enterprise to prosper.

2.   Market Growth

     Headquartered in the metropolis of Atlanta GA , where there are a large number of the types of businesses that I specialize in, with plenty of growth potential. Most of the other agencies are more interested in technical job categories. Atlanta ’s growth as a regional financial and market center will ensure commensurate growth in Clients. Moreover, should encourage the trend for others to enter the business ownership arena. My approach to counseling both established businesses and start-up businesses is unique locally and I expect a continuing growth from my commitment to individual service, because this approach saves everyone time and expense in the end. Ink Blot Management will sponsor 30 Seconds Success Coaching Financial Seminars on how to build investor confidence, through professional speaking, in client’s products and services, to recruit customers and generate capital in new markets.

Currently, Terrance D. Jackson, president of Ink Blot Management has presented these ideas and products like bottled water in the desert of economic recession and pessimistic outlook to many major companies, institutions, and organizations such as Dept. of Labor-Turner Job Corps. Center, The Borders Group Inc., Ameriprise Financial, Capital City Bank and Trust, FraserNet, Ruff Ryder Films, Trinidad and Tobago Association, APEX Museum , Atlanta Fulton County Library, Footprints Jamaican Rest., World Natural Hair, Health, and Beauty Show, Luciano- Salvation Lives Tour, and G & K Services. George Fraser president and founder of FraserNet signed a letter of endorsement for the purpose of distributing Get Rich and Grow Wealth Game Cards to the network’s membership of over 50,000 professionals worldwide.

                   H.  Financial Plan

1.   Introduction

     The key to the prosperity of Ink Blot Management Inc. lies in quickly getting this account fulfilled, putting the business into the black and then I will build on that initial success.The Profit and Loss and Cash Flow Forecasts in this section show a significant profit and positive cash flow from the fulfillment of my first account. These results depend on my ability to generate revenue at the rate of $4,000 per month for the first two months and $5,000 for each month thereafter. I have no doubt about my ability to do this based on the orders already on the books. This is because I have systematically calculated most of the businesses necessary to keep my profits in the high profit margin. And even if my Revenue Forecasts for the first two months are off by as much as $1,500 per month (37.5%), I will still be able to pay business expenses, and cover my basic living expenses.

2.   Loan Security

     My personal financial statement is included in Section G, below. I believe my personal signature is more than enough security for a loan of $50,000, since I have established two major accounts that in themselves can satisfy the obligation of this loan. Nevertheless, I will consider the possibility of pledging some assets as additional security if appropriate. Incidentally, my past personal credit reports will show that for several years I opted to further my education rather than be employed and utilize the credit system. During the period in question, I was helping several family members who were experiencing emergencies (e.g., illness, sudden loss of work, etc.). These necessitated the diversion of the maximum amount of my physical presence and financial resources to members of my family who were in greater need. All these circumstances have been appeased or resolved, the money repaid me, and I am happy to say that all my accounts are current.

3.   Profit and Loss and Cash Flow Forecasts

Financial forecasts for Central Personnel follow.

                  I.  Personal Financial Statement: Mr. Terrance D. Jackson

Balance Sheet

ASSETS (at market value):

Get Rich and Grow Wealth(intrinsic value)

40 Trillion Dollars

























Total Assets

40 Trillion Dollars















Total Liabilities


NET WORTH (Total Assets - Total Liabilities)



40 Trillion Dollars

Income & Expenses


Centre for Health Planning and Research, Oyo State , Nigeria

$2000 per month




Total Income


ANNUAL EXPENSES:                                                                            




















Total Expenses


              J.  Business Risk Analysis

     Every business faces risks. Ink Blot Management Inc. is not an exception. However, I believe that the risks facing my business are manageable. I see nothing that will seriously threaten the business.

Here are the major risks I anticipate and how I plan to deal with them.

1.   Exposure and Presence

Being information driven society, people are seeking to find answers to more complex questions about business, types, services, products, markets and customers. My number one priority is to get my“10 Keys to Being an Effective Leader in a Global Economy” into the hands of every business owner, that is struggling in this Global recession.  

2.   Competition

     There are several competing motivational speakers in the country. As I am aiming for a slightly different market from the other companies and have a record of accomplishment of success in my target area, I do not feel that the competition will hurt me. Even if the other companies expanded their information to include global leadership, I think my personal rapport with my clients and the two large accounts that I have with Frasernet Inc. and Miracle Made Mentors Inc. should prevent me from suffering any real problem.

3.   Slow Times

     People are starting businesses now and times are good. When the economy slows down, as it inevitably will, so too will new businesses, although because of the high turnover, there is always some demand for quality services and quality products. However, I plan to put aside money when times are good to cushion against future bad times. In addition, I plan to reduce the effect of slow times by keeping my overhead low.

4.   Owner's Ability

     I have never operated an independent business before. However, I feel that the information that I have requires me to establish a base of operation because of the financial projections. Other than that, I can see no insurmountable problems resulting from being on my own and have already determined the licenses, tax permits, etc., I will need to begin. I plan to use the same bookkeeper and accountant who do the books for XLM Corporation to help with paperwork. In addition, I have a friend who is a small business consultant, and I can rely on his advice should I need it. In short, I believe that I have addressed the major risks facing my business and have demonstrated that those risks are manageable.


Most items of equipment will be leased or rented, so there will be little need for capital beyond working capital and some fees and printing costs:

Production of product @ $0.75 x 37,500


Initial advertising


License application fee

$  250.00

Business license

$ 100.00

Insurance deposit

$  50.00

First & last month's rent & deposit


Phone installation

$ 200.00

New furniture

$ 500.00

Working capital


Living expenses



Total Capital


Other capital items and most of the furniture have already been paid for. The office building provides a receptionist and copy service as part of the rent.

                   K.Personal Goals

After investing many hours of research and development, I discovered information that should be common knowledge and yet is not, I am very confident that my information will receive high response to its profoundness and effectiveness, which provides me great personal satisfaction. I feel a deep sense of personal accomplishment when a client pays a fee for completing effective leadership training. That validates my ability. My goal in opening the Ink Blot Management Inc. is to make certain that this information get exposure and to be compensated, while doing work I basically love.

L.     Exit Strategy

1.      50,000 units of Get Rich and Grow Wealth at $19.99 apiece will be distributed to FraserNet’s 50,000 memberships worldwide, with the letter of endorsement from George Fraser, generating over $1,000,000 in sales.

2.      30 Seconds Success Coaching Financial Seminars will be held to teach clients how to get rich and grow wealth with 10 Keys to being an Effective Leader in a Global Economy, and recruit new clients, every week at Georgia State University.


M.  Appendices

The appendices contain a copy of Get Rich and Grow Wealth, a copy of George Fraser’s letter of endorsement, and a copy of Terrance D. Jackson’s Business Certificate from Atlanta Technical College .