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Distribution Agreement


Ink Blot Management manufactures and distributes Get Rich and Grow Wealth, #1 Success Journal for Business Professionals Worldwide, approved by George Andrews, president of Capital City Bank and Trust, and endorsed by George Fraser, founder of FraserNet. It is utilized to improve business skills, and generate capital in global markets. Ink Blot Management agrees to pitch (client), and secure investors for global distribution in 40 days, satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. An organized life is an organized world. To know how to make money is getting rich, to apply the knowledge and make money is growing wealth. Supply the demand for a profit. Go global with Get Rich and Grow
Weatlh, 10 keys to being an effective leader in a global economy.

Fee: $1,000

Make checks and/or money orders payable to: 

Terrance D. Jackson

President of Ink Blot Management

__ I hereby acknowledge this legal binding contract under the United States of America Constitutional Law.

Signature ______________________________________   Date _____________

Signature (I.B.M.)________________________________  Date _____________